Trading standards – One to watch

We have been contacted by a trader in Midlothian regarding a mail shot he received from an
organisation calling itself European City Guide, based in Valencia, Spain.  There are some very
interesting comments about them on the web.
The form gives the trader the opportunity to be included in an inter-professional guide on a CD
Rom and on the internet.  It mentions that they would be grateful if you – the business –  could
fill in the form, suggesting it is a free-gratis entry.  Unfortunately there is small print which states
that there is a fee of €987 and that this form is to be considered as a legally binding contract.
The worth of this type of advertising is probably minimal as potential customers are unlikely to
access the advertising.
Again as we always end these messages “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED”.
If you are looking for any further information on European City Guide then please contact either
Stephen Thomson or Andy King at Midlothian Trading Standards Unit on0131 271 3549 or
email us at the addresses shown below.


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