What is the best kilt jacket to buy?

Looking to buy a kilt jacket

What jacket should you purchase is down to a couple of things

A: What type of function you mainly go to.

B: how many functions you go to & will you get value for money out of the purchase. Around 10 hires in a couple of years and you should seriously consider the purchase.  I would always recommend buying if you want to make your own mark on your kilt outfit and custom making the jacket is a great option to look unique.

Prince Charlie kilt jacket

The Prince Charlie jacket is a traditional jacket with silver look buttons, the Prince Charlie jacket is normally worn with a bow tie for an evening function. (Left image) More & more are now worn with a five button waistcoat & a cravat & this look is very on trend for day & evening weddings. However there is nothing better than to get a custom jacket with coloured linings, or a simple button change to antique style buttons or real silver, Gold or plain black all of which give the jacket its own unique spin. (Right image)


Crail kilt jacket & Argyle kilt jacket

The Crail or Argyle is possibly the most versatile of jackets the jacket can be worn simply as on the left, with a tie or a bow tie, or on the right with a cravat & hanky as shown or with a tie, if you really are feeling brave, change the black waistcoat & put in a coloured waistcoat to match the most prominent colour of your kilt. This jacket can be worn to almost any event. Garden party, work function, wedding, just out on the town with a kilt. Any excuse to wear a kilt!! The Argyle jacket has a gauntlet cuff 3rd image & a Crail cuff is the  4th & extreme right image


Contemporary kilt jacket

The contemporary & the most modern up to date jacket, simple lines with simple details, taking inspiration from a 3 button front men’s suit. Adapted slightly to look its best with a kilt. This outfit looks best with a hand tied cravat & perfect with a  standard tie.  Our jackets tend to have flaps on all external pockets including the breast pocket, when a hanky is worn its simply pop the flap inside & hide it & let the hanky show.


The Sherifmuir kilt jacket

With dashing lines & perfect body hugging shape the Sherifmuir jacket & straight cut waistcoat looks stunning for that man with attention to detail. Great to be worn at weddings & perfect for the groom looking to stand out from the crowd. This image is one in our hire ranges & has recently been upgraded to have the black buttons to keep it right on trend.



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