Football club flasks

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New in the new Football Club 6oz Hip Flask

  • Badges positioned into the indent to make a smooth finish
  • Set comprises of a wooden gift box with see through hinged lid
  • Perfect gift for the football mad man
  • High polished stainless steel
  • 2 x cup



A selection of kilt shoes or ghillie brogues you can wear with your kilt

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A selection of kilt shoes your able to purchase to go with your kilt outfit. See the full range here.

New web site coming soon

The kilt hire co have signed on the dotted line to become the proud parents of our new E Commerce web site from Citrus Lime, this will give us cool full screen images like this Image 1 now press the deep zoom button & go full page. The biggest change on the web site, will be the linking of our in store database RMS Microsoft dynamics till system which will give the customer the satisfaction & knowledge that the stock they want  is in stock or will have to be ordered. This saving the possible time issues with deliveries, I am not sure if your like me, but when I order goods online, I want it that day. I don’t want to wait till tomorrow, so with RMS  & Citrus lime a whole new shopping experience is coming our customers way. I will keep you posted on launch day.

Black sporran wallet

Sporran Wallet, see our full range here

  • 100% real leather
  • Great storage for coins and notes
  • Designed to fit neatly into your sporran
  • Comes in tan or black
This sporran wallet is designed to fit neatly into your sporran. It makes it easier for you to find your money but also leaves enough room in your sporran for other items. 

Black sporran wallet


How to tie a bow tie the easy

I was going to tell you HOW to tie a bow tie in words, but thought it easier to get some pictorial way of showing you.

It looks easy, but will take you a few times to master it. What better way to check it out than buy yourself a new self tie bow tie then you can look and feel cool when you undo your tie in the evening & look like James Bond!

The snow is here

This is a cracking time of year to purchase  kilt, instead of wearing those grubby old jeans with the hems all torn because they drag along the ground, purchase a made to measure kilt &
a. It will be the correct length
b. Stay warm and cosy
c. Stand out from the crowd
d. With the snow all white, you will stand out from the back ground & look SUPER COOL
e. Look different
f. It will last you longer than your £100 pair of jeans
Go on treat yourself with kilts starting from £150 what have you got to lose