Biffy Clyro gets trousered?

Biffy Clyro get trousered, yeah really, not drunk just got access to the kilt store’s tartan trews on Hogmanay. Check it out this is one of their best looking outfits I have seen for a while. Prior to their stint at T in the park, I wonder what they will be wearing for that event?  Have you got any ideas?  If so let us know.

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Edinburgh ready, World ARE YOU ready ?

James Matthews, Scotland correspondent

Edinburgh is preparing for a full house for its Hogmanay celebrations after an improvement in the weather boosted last-minute ticket sales. 


Hogmanay 2010 fireworks in Edinburgh

Previous Hogmanay celebrations have been disrupted by the weather

Up to 80,000 people will gather under clear skies in the self-styled “Home of Hogmanay” for the traditional street party.

Organisers say ticket sales had stalled because party-goers were having second thoughts due to the recent bad weather, but that now they are selling fast.

Edinburgh has had to cancel its Hogmanay party twice because of poor weather conditions.

The pinnacle of this year’s four-day programme of events will, of course, be the stroke of midnight tonight.

Hogmanay celebrations

All eyes will be on Edinburgh for the world-famous event


Revellers will gather beneath Edinburgh Castle for a spectacular fireworks display and the concert stage in Princes Street Gardens will feature Biffy Clyroe as the headline act, supported by The Charlatans and Billy Bragg.

It is the 19th year that Edinburgh has laid on a structured Hogmanay celebration. It kicked off on Thursday evening with a torchlit procession which attracted more than 25,000 people.

Other events include a New Year’s Day conversation with local crime writers Ian Rankin and Lin Anderson, discussing the city of Edinburgh. KT Tunstall will play a gig during the day on January 1.

The secret of a good gig at Hogmanay is not to have any drink until you’re finished.

Singer-songwriter Billy Bragg on his Hogmanay performance


Festival organiser Pete Irvine from Unique Events, told Sky News: “A good Hogmanay programme is down to balance between making sure it’s got a lot of Scottish stuff in it – because that’s what people expect – and providing lots of contemporary and international artists as well.

“Getting the balance right between all those elements is the key and, of course, the weather does play a part as well.”

Hogmanay prompts a huge influx of visitors to Edinburgh. Last year, 78% of people attending came from outside the city. The 2009/10 party generated a net income of £24.1m for Scotland’s capital.

A LAW aimed at cracking down on Scotland’s knife-crime culture could see sales of sgian dubhs slashed as well.

A LAW aimed at cracking down on Scotland’s knife-crime culture could see sales of sgian dubhs slashed as well.
Shops selling the traditional ceremonial knives have been warned to keep them to less than three and a half inches in length.
Traders selling sgian dubhs have objected to the Scottish Government proposed licensing scheme for dealers selling non-domestic knives, in which any blade over the stipulated measurement on sale will require a license.
Shop owners claim the move will hit tourists who wanted to buy “heritage or highland dress products” the hardest.
Under the far-reaching proposals anyone buying a knife in the restricted category would have to produce photographic ID, and the dealers would have to keep a record of customers and the knives sold.
Councils throughout the country would also have the power to insist on CCTV, locked cabinets or display bans.
During its consultation on the controversial plans, a government spokesman said: “This may be a consequence of the scheme, but there is no practical way of exempting tourists from the requirements of the licensing scheme.
“Tourists will still be able to make purchases of sgian dubhs or other small knives that have a length of blade of under three and a half inches, as these will be exempt from the licensing laws.”
A spokesperson for a well know kilt store, said: “I’m not sure the government have thought this plan through properly.
“The sgian dubh is part of our national heritage and identity and the proposed ban could well affect a lot of sales within the kilt hire sector.
“Most people ask for the real thing and, to be honest, the clients who hire and own kilts are very responsible people who would never dream of using the sgian dubh in an offensive way.”